A Career in Business Management: What You Should Know

Running a company, no matter if you have two or 200 employees, means you, as the leader, will be tasked with many different and varied responsibilities. These responsibilities, done correctly, can directly affect the success of your company or business.

As you oversee day-to-day business operations, you will be, at one moment, an expert motivator, getting the most out of your employee’s productivity and then you’ll be making sure your company meets or exceeds its financial objectives. 

While it may seem daunting on the outside seeing your business succeed provides you with a feeling of satisfaction and increases your market value as other companies begin to consider you as someone who might change the fortunes of their business.

Here’s a look at the responsibilities a business manager can expect daily.  

Human Resources

Human resource management refers to managing the employee life cycle, from recruiting to hiring to training and, sometimes, firing employees.  

A manager must possess the skills required to bring in employees and ensure they become successful additions to the company.

Statistically, 79% of employees from various businesses claim they would quit if not properly appreciated by their managers. Because of this, human resources is one of the trickiest areas of business management because each employee is unique and has different needs.  

Accounting and Finance

Business Managers need to be up to date on their company’s financial standing so they can make informed and financially sound decisions for their companies.

Knowing how to manage a business’s day-to-day accounting and finances is critical as it can affect many important decisions, from how much you can spend on marketing to whether you can secure a loan from a bank.  

Business Managers must understand profit margins, cash flow, and managing debts and expenses. By doing so, you will be well prepared to ensure your business stays profitable and continues to grow. 


To be a successful Business Manager, it is important to understand marketing fundamentalsThis will help you gain insights into your customers and determine which marketing channels to use to build a solid and recognizable brand.

Without proper marketing, most businesses will struggle to survive. 


No matter what your business does, whether it is manufacturing a product or providing a service, it is crucial that you have a business strategy to act as a guide to take your business forward.

This is a clear set of plans, actions, and goals outlining how a business will compete in a particular market and with a particular product.

A good business strategy will give a Business Manager a clear vision of the target audience, identify opportunities, stay ahead of the competition, and adapt to changes in consumer demand. 


Business operations refers to everything that happens within a company to keep it running smoothly and earning money.

Depending on the industry, business operations can look quite different, so it is necessary for a Business Manager to understand what business operations are and how vitally important they are to the overall planning, productivity, and profits of a company.  

Data Analytics

In the modern age, businesses collect and create more data than ever before.

A Business Manager should use all available data to shape the business model, optimize performance, influence decision-making, and increase the business’s ROI (return on investment). 

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