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Arrive Job-Ready in Canada

NeoCanada combines outcome-oriented online learning resources with up-to-date and high-quality curriculum programs to prepare you for a successful journey into Canada’s job market. Our ready-to-use courses will empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen career once you step foot in this promising country.

Study in your Country for a Quick Entry into the Canadian Job Market

Target In-Demand Areas

Our programs focus on in-demand areas in the Canadian job market, giving you an advantage when seeking employment opportunities.

Acquire Essential Skills

Develop the skills that Canadian employers actively seek, making you a highly desirable candidate in the competitive job market.

Familiarize Yourself with the Canadian Workplace

Learn about the local work environment, business etiquette, and norms to ensure a smoother transition into your new job setting.

Showcase Proactive Initiative

Demonstrate your commitment to success by upskilling and showing initiative, making a positive impression on potential employers.

Find out why Canadian education is highly respected by employers worldwide

Highest Quality

In Canada, regulatory bodies work closely with Canadian universities and colleges to evaluate academic programs, faculty, facilities, student services, and other resources. By doing so, they ensure the institutions meet strict standards and protect students. As a result, you receive the same education and professional standards that an in-person student receives.

Best Instructors

Canadian universities and colleges are known for offering a unique, supportive academic environment to attract highly qualified faculty members who are leaders in their fields. These faculty members bring a wealth of expertise, research experience, and innovative teaching methods to the classroom.

Ready to Use

Canadian post-secondary education strongly emphasizes practical skills development, alongside theoretical learning. Canadian universities and colleges are committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to succeed in their chosen careers. At NeoCanada, our instructors have industry experience and are up to date with all the current practices. When you graduate, you will be ready to work in your chosen field.

Accumulate credits and earn a higher-level credential

Earn credits towards a more powerful program

How to use the programs you have already taken through NeoCanada to save time and money



has already earned a module from NeoCanada and wants to boost his skills in hopes of earning a job promotion.

A MicroDiploma program is the perfect way to take the subjects he needs to reach his goal in only few months.

Once Jose has taken one of the three modules that comprise the chosen MicroDiploma, all he needs is to take the two remaining modules to earn a full MicroDiploma.

Jose studying for his MicroDiploma on his phone.


Maria thinking of her upcoming diploma.

decided to get her Diploma.

Luckily, she has already taken two of the three MicroDiplomas that comprises the Diploma curriculum.

Maria just needs to take the remaining MicroDiploma courses to earn her Diploma.

Maria picking textbooks off a shelf.



is taking his first program with NeoCanada.

He needs to add a game-changing education in his resume, so a quick, Canadian module program is the perfect choice for him.

Once completed the module can be used as a discount towards a Diploma or MicroDiploma in the future.


Three course formats

Get just what you need for your next career step


Contains a single course focused on a specific subject.

Why a Module:
Enhances both understanding and expertise in a specific area while boosting related skills and your resume.


Contains 2 to 4 modules.

Why a MicroDiploma:
Advance your career in less than 3 months by upgrading skills or getting a comprehensive education in a new subject.


Contains from 3 to 7 MicroDiplomas and focuses on a distinct discipline.

Why a Diploma:
Start a new career in less than 1 year.

Why NeoCanada is cost-effective

NeoCanada is 100% online. All you need is a network connection to take your classes. Classes can be taken on your mobile or desktop device. As long as you have a connection you are set. 

Your tuition includes all textbooks and course-related materials. Some textbooks can cost up to $400 but you do not have to buy any textbooks when you take a NeoCanada program. Your textbooks are available for you to access as soon as you purchase a program and may be accessed anywhere from six to 24 months from your start date depending on the length of your program.   

Financially Sound Decision

The decision of coming to Canada for post-secondary education can be expensive for most people. See below how much you save to take a worldwide recognized course in an online format.

* IELTS test, work permit fees, study permit fees.

While traditional students immigrating to Canada for their education must incur high tuition costs in addition to Canada’s high cost of living, you can get the same education online while saving 94% for a one-year program by enrolling at NeoCanada.

“NeoCanada was created to support international students who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of the Canadian Educational System in their home countries."
Carson Van Iderstine
General Manager
Carson Van Iderstine, the General Manager of NeoCanada.

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