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70.2 Digital & Mobile Analytics

This course takes an introductory look at analytics and conversions. Generating traffic from a website is crucial but converting traffic into clients and sales is the goal for anyone looking at being successful in the Digital Marketing field.

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71.1 Digital Marketing Fundamentals

This course introduces students to the current best practices and foundations of digital marketing and branding. In addition, students will also learn the best tools to properly navigate SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and much more.

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74.1 Content Marketing & SEO

This course guides students through current industry best practices by creating and optimizing on-page and off-page content. Students develop the core set of technical skills needed for effective optimization of search engine criteria for business application.

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73.1 Strategic Web Design

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>This course focuses on the WordPress platform and teaches students the nuances of proper web design. Students will gain hands-on experience and learn how websites are created from the bottom-up.

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76.1 Marketing Automation

This course focuses on introducing students to marketing automation software, which helps to facilitate business marketing processes in an automated environment on an employee or client-based model.

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75.1 Writing for the Web

Reading online is very different from reading print. Even strong writers must master how to write content for the internet. Students will learn how to create optimized content, video story boarding, scripting, and content promotion so that they can create compelling narratives specifically designed for online readers.

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72.1 Social Media Marketing Strategies

This course introduces various social media platforms and teaches students to evaluate and incorporate them in digital marketing strategies. Students gain insight by learning the three ways to use social media and are taught how to design effective marketing campaigns.

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