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Management and Leadership

Leaders who are not only assertive, considerate, and innovative, but inclusive and forward thinking as well, possess all the fundamental attributes of a successful leader in the 21st century workforce. A combination of self-awareness and empathy is foundational to lead and manage a team towards a unified vision. This course introduces and explores the various frameworks and contexts which many

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Global Business and Human Rights

In this course, students will learn the roles played by various stakeholders within the global business space in protecting and respecting human rights, as well as the various strategies they can use to combat human rights violations. The topics covered throughout the course include the duties of governments and the responsibilities of businesses as they pertain to human rights. It

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Introduction to UX Design

This course teaches students how to execute the entire U design process including research, interfacing, prototyping, and finalizing. Students will also learn how to identify and eliminate bias within interface design and how to incorporate accessibility tools and design elements into both handheld and desktop devices. By the end of the course students will have the practical skills to navigate

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Study Strategies – CNC

This course teaches students how to develop skills in reading, note taking, and test taking. Students will learn how to muscle read, how to take valuable notes, and how to disarm tests.   

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