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220.1 Energy Industry Fundamentals

The course is an introduction to energy industry fundamentals in Canada and Alberta. It covers many aspects, including the structure and market of Canada’s electricity industry, major players, statistical data, and carbon emissions. Renewable resources and financing methods are covered. Energy opportunities and challenges are discussed within the context of Canada’s gradual transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

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222.1 Energy Management Principles

The course provides an introduction to energy management in Canada and Alberta and covers many topics: energy management principles, energy managers, energy economics, and energy efficiency. It fosters an understanding of company challenges in managing energy firms, particularly renewable energy companies.

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217.1 Family Law

This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge of the family court system in Alberta. Students will explore the following: divorce, custody, child welfare, and child support while developing practical skills such as completing a contested divorce file and filing procedures

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210.1 Introduction to Law

In this course, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the Canadian legal system. Students explore the history of Canadian law, the Constitution of Canada, the Legal Professional Act, and the rules of the Law Society of Alberta with a review of professionalism and ethics in the field.

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218.1 Legal Research

This course introduces students to primary and secondary research materials. Students work hands-on to research legal documents, annotated reports, law reviews and case comments. Topics also include: how to properly cite sources, case law, statutes, regulations and legislation.

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211.1 Legal Office Procedures

This course introduces students to legal office procedures. Students learn the day-to-day organization, management and procedures of a legal office. Other topics discussed include: timekeeping, filing, and the effective use of communication systems (telephone, fax, and e-mail).

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212.1 Real Estate

This course focuses on the substantive law of real estate. Students are introduced to conveyancing procedures, encumbrances, mortgages and land title systems in Alberta.

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219.1 Legal Software

This course introduces students to the software used in the legal environment. Students analyze support software designed to provide attorneys a more efficient way to search for, organize, and analyze documents and transcripts when preparing a case.

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213.1 Civil Law

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of civil litigation. Students learn the Alberta court litigation stages and procedures, how to prepare pre-trial and trial proceeding documents, and the procedure for actions in Provincial Court and Civil Division.

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